Front Desk Admin//Washington, DC

  • United Business Solutions Inc
  • Sep 03, 2019
Contractor Information Technology

Job Description

Role: Front Desk Admin

Location: Washington, DC

Contract Role

in-person at the DC office


Essential Duties:

  • Order & replenish office supplies (kitchen & copier room)
  • Keep general office areas tidy
  • Greets & checks in visitors
  • Incoming & outgoing mail
  • Coordinate maintenance for any office repairs
  • Coordinate issue resolution for phones & internet
  • Maintain & schedule conference room use
  • Disseminates vital information to staff i.e.: building closures, maintenance, etc.
  • Maintain Office Directory
  • Maintain Key Scan card list & orders cards
  • Maintain Office seating chart
  • Responsible for Key lock box
  • Issue cubical & needed supplies for new hire (phone, computer, etc)
  • Assist with system set-up (access to printer/copier)
  • Collect A3T provided equipment for terminations
  • Assist in calling references for new hires
  • Assist in formatting resumes
  • Assist in establishing meeting and phone calls for management team

Paul Williams



General-Other: IT-Software Development